The Election of new set of Officers from among the Board of Trustees last October 26, 2008, put the young, resourceful and enthusiastic Mr. Alejo San Buenaventura (Batch 1999) as the 2009-2010 ASMSI President.

Continuing the endeavors of ASMSI and the previous trustees, Kuya Al’s team added in their list of projects the Alumni Handbook, the ASMSI Website re-development (with Paypal / Credit Card Donation), FACFI Website Development (with Paypal / Credit Card Donation), SMS Philippines and Brothers of Christ websites, Purchase of our own ASMSI ID Maker, reviving alumni’s participation in various sports activities and tournaments to build camaraderie and teamwork and help support various ASMSI projects, raising of Bayanihan Fund, Welfare & Development Program for graduates through loans, other social activities for graduates such as the Summer Outing, and the Re-gathering of Alumni every 3rd Sunday of the month for socio-spiritual activities, March to Silver, March to Million campaign was launched also as one of the fund-raising activities among others for the benefit of Fr. Al’s Children Foundation, Inc. (FACFI) and ASMSI’s Bayanihan Fund. His active participation, leadership example and untiring support pave the way for the unification of graduates of Sta. Mesa, Cavite and Cebu campuses thru the goal of moving towards one direction. The ASMSI International Conference (AIC) in 2010 in Cavite and AIC 2011 in Cebu initiated by Jhun Mariano (Batch 1991) and Wendell Castro (Batch 1995) together with the officers and active members of ASMSI – UAE Chapter in cooperation with ASMSI – Main has been instrumental in achieving that goal. 

For Kuya Al, it is with enthusiasm & genuine service that he would joyfully fulfill his role together with all of us. It’s definitely with a heart no personal interest…Due to a non-quorum election in September 2010, through a Board Resolution and persuasion of other Sisters to continue his service, Al and the rest of the officers like Zeny Villapando (Vice President), Elizabeth Nebres (Secretary), Susana Montano (Treasurer) and Mark Mojica (P.R.O) extend office until December 31, 2013.  The next election of Officers for the unified ASMSI will be held during the 1st ASMSI International Convention on August 3-4, 2013 to be held in Silang, Cavite wherein the composition of the Board of Trustees will come from ASMSI – Cavite, ASMSI – Cebu and ASMSI – International Chapters.

The kind-hearted president retains a low profile yet his enthusiasm to serve just never fainted.  True enough – the heart for fellow alumni beats greater that his will to further his potential for a more professional growth as he further quotes, “What distinguishes a great leader from a mediocre one is that a great leader has heart for his people.” His enthusiasm is so contagious, we hope it reach you. Together we can make it!

As we are numbering around 55,000 graduates all over the Philippines and a great number are based abroad, there’s already a need for us to work harder to be able to reach-out to our fellow alumni wherever they maybe and start realizing the goal of our beloved Fr. Al Schwartz for us, his children, to be future donors and benefactors of the Sisters of Mary and be the living candles to the world.   

***Project Proposals for ASMSI development will be much welcome. Your active participation in all ASMSI activities shall play an important role in the association in its goal of being the best secondary school alumni association in the Philippines.