The logo is a symbolic representation of the Association’s Mission and Vision.

a. The Round Shape – symbolizes global and unity; it aims to promote the Marian virtues of simplicity, generosity, gratitude, and joy among graduates in fostering unity and camaraderie.

b. The Center (with Cross and Mary) – symbolizes the Association’s desire to put the SMS teachings at the core of all of its endeavors, thus making them ASMSI’s guiding principles. It also symbolizes every member’s earnest devotion to Mary, the Virgin of the Poor and his/her desire of propagating the same devotion.

c. The Arrow – symbolizes one direction in life; that is to develop and enhance one’s potentials through activities leading to competence and life-long skills and eventually to support the Alma Mater in sustaining her mission to the poor.

d. The SMS logo (partially open) at the center – Open arms to help and provide assistance to the graduates as the need arises and also to humble ourselves; it symbolizes the role of the Association in sharing the values and teachings of the Sisters of Mary School, in an effort to actively participate in socio-economic upliftment for God and fellowmen.

e. Big Circles (outer) are us, graduates, while the Smaller Ones (inner) represents our younger brothers & sisters, currently studying at the Sisters of Mary School Campuses.

Credits: ASMSI Logo – Design by Mr. Jhun Mariano (Batch 1991)